Nephrotic Syndrome: A Journey in Four Parts

Produced by NephCure Kidney International and with the support of The National Kidney Foundation.

At the premiere of “Batkid Begins” in the summer of 2015, Kurt was approached by producer Chris Bender, who said his daughter Emmy suffered from a little-known and currently incurable kidney condition called Nephrotic Syndrome. No educational series then existed to help those with the disease communicate its complex experience to their loved ones, or to help communicate its essence to those who might fund research to find a cure.

Kurt agreed to create the series, following 3 adults and 3 children living with Nephrotic Syndrome, and the resulting series has since helped thousands. We hope that a cure will soon be found.

Part I: Nephrotic Syndrome 101

Part II: The Child Patient Journey

Part III: The Adult Patient Journey

Part IV: The Caregiver Journey

Bonus: Aries Merritt – Overcoming Hurdles