USC Student Films


The USC School of Cinema-Television’s inaugural production class, known by the course number “290”, requires students to make numerous films over the course of a semester without sync dialogue.

For these four non-sync dialogue short films – First Impressions, Vanity, Filler and An American in Traffic – shot and edited on Super 8mm film, Kurt Kuenne was awarded the Harold Lloyd Scholarship in Film Editing by the family of the iconic silent film comedian.

First Impressions

1993, 3 minutes, Super 8mm, Color and B&W


1993, 7 minutes, Super 8mm, Color and B&W

Starring Ariel Joseph Towne (as Joseph S. Towne). With Colleen Crabtree and Jon Bokenkamp.


1993, 3 minutes, Super 8mm, B&W

With Ariel Joseph Towne (Joseph S. Towne) and Colleen Crabtree

An American In Traffic

1993, 14 minutes, Super 8mm, B&W

Starring Ariel Joseph Towne (as Joseph S. Towne) and Sharla Wohl



1995, 15 minutes, Color, 16mm

Starring Al Sapienza

Remembrances was Kurt Kuenne’s final USC student film.

  • 1995 Telluride Film Festival - "Filmmakers of Tomorrow: Resumes" Section
  • 1995 Cine Eagle - Winner
  • 1996 Cinequest Film Festival
  • 1996 Palm Springs Short Film Festival
  • 1996 Houston Worldfest - Winner, Silver Award